Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nothing exciting, just a short video of the surroundings as we paddled into the Bartlett River. We had two double kayaks so could only take two of the boys. John and Jonah can be seen in the second kayak to our left. Jayden went up with John and me the previous day and caught five nice Dolly Varden trout, which come in along with the salmon. We were excited to take the other two boys for the same fishing experience. After a lot of fruitless trying I managed to hook one fish that evening, handed the pole to Micah, and twenty seconds later the fish got off the hook. Unlike the fantastic bite the night before that was the only fish we had on a line all evening.

The fishing site on the river is about a 45 minute paddle if one keeps moving. Plenty of daylight in early July in Alaska. This is taken about 8:30PM. We got back about 11PM with plenty of light to spare.

It's a lot of work for those little eleven year old arms to move a 19' kayak. When I urged Micah to help paddle a bit on the way back he was silent, then finally exclaimed, "My arms are frozen."