Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monthly Post

Time for my monthly post so you will know we are still above ground.
Some folks ask why we are not in Alaska full time. Today is a good reason. 85˚ on Feb 24.

We spent last weekend in one of my favorite places, Death Valley. If you had to choose the opposite of an AK rain forest I suspect it would look a lot like DV. We had a great time and drove the buggy approximately 300 miles. Days were mild and somewhat cool, with nights chilly and often windy. A storm went through just before we arrived which dumped snow at the higher elevations. Most people think DV is low flat desert, but there are also mountains and peaks that surround the valley itself. Therefore the variety of viewing can be very different depending on where you are in the National Park.

The Kilns @ 7000 foot level in the Panamint Mountians. We got wide-eyed looks from the 4x4 crowd on the trip.

This is a favorite picture spot. We have been past Teakettle Junction perhaps a half dozen times and I have several pictures of these same three ladies taken there over the years.