Sunday, October 31, 2010


You might have to click on this one to enlarge.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Special Day

Tonight we had salmon. Not just any salmon. This one was caught about 150 feet from our cabin door. I sat at the table and called it salmon with dreams. The dreams part pertains to grandkids. Today our oldest three grandsons, ten or soon to be ten, ticketed to come spend a few weeks with us next summer in Alaska. :-) I have often thought that our years enjoying the cabin will be limited by our age. Our children and grandchildren will hopefully be the long term recipients. To that end we want to walk them around the Great Land (the meaning of the word Alaska) and get joy from watching grandkid's as they experience this place.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breaking Away

My energies are always looking for things to complete the cabin. We have been back only 16 days and already we accumulated one medium size cedar chest that will make a neat coffee table, a nice old rocking chair, a dehumidifier (Couldn't pass it up for the price), a new gas range for the kitchen (a story in itself), an old mirror with an arched top, two bathroom vent fans, a recessed light fixture for the bumpout, and two almost new toilets (gotten for us by a contractor friend who is doing a bathroom remodel-Thanks Dale). I had to park a buggy outside to make room for all this stuff.

Mom's new in-the-box Kitchenaid gas range for AK.

I hope to decorate part of the loft ceiling with old signs. My favorite: "Explosives" in a diamond shaped sign. I think I found five at yard sales since we returned to Calif. Two different folks who heard what I want them for retreated to their garages and emerged with second signs which they gave to me gratis. If you see any wierd or interesting old signs that cost almost nothing......