Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's HOT

Not much going on. I work in the garage in the morning while it's cool. Then retreat to the house.

I've been writing again. The Manx Mania gave me my own byline about a year ago. I try to do light stuff with clever wording and wit. Get a few compliments. Also working on the Christian Essentials manuscript again. I taught it for 10 weeks, just concluded. I got fired up to do a few more subjects. That keeps me occupied in the house afternoons.

Last weekend was the Big Bear buggy run. 110+ buggies showed. Fun but congested. Temps up there were only low 80s. Nice. We jammed all 110+ buggies on a parking lot for a photo. Ours is back there somewhere but you can't see the proverbial tree for the forest.

Got a call from Alaska saying they found us a house to house-sit for a few weeks if we are interested. Interested? It's 100°+ here. Juneau is 66° today. No contest. It'll be late summer there when we arrive. But we'll escape the August monsoonal heat here, hopefully.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun Time in Idylwild

This video is too big for blogspot to take it, so I'll post a link. Greg, now retired, use to do this professionally so the editing is great. Plus he throws in some humor and does his own music. ENJOY!
Exploring Idylwild video