Monday, February 25, 2008

Hopefully the grandkids will have fun trying to figure out the names of the people in these pictures? I'll give the answers in a comment.

Finally...... photos.

We recently spent a week in Death Valley with the Buggy. Great time. The blue buggy closest to where I took the picture is ours. The colors of the buggys are bright compared to the desert. The picture of us in jackets is taken at Dante's View. The valley is almost a mile below us.... straight down. Weather was cold and windy up there.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

First Post

All the kids have blogs, and some grandkids. Guess it's time to get with the program. Thought I would share some thoughts of the past week for a first post.

Family: A friend passed away unexpectedly. Amid the grief and tears and shared memories a comment came to our ears. A daughter of the friend mentioned how at get-togethers she would watch our family and felt jealous. That comment made me reflect. Jealous? Of us? I tend to react to what attacks my comfort zone while overlooking the peace and values that surround me every day. I smiled as I reflected on what we have; our family interrelationships. We are functional. We care about each other amid ups and downs. Love covers each other's failings. Irritations come and go but don't affect the greater value of being family. In a crisis we are without question there for each other. And best of all, this is "normal" for us. As my dad would have said, "You can't buy that with money." Yup, priceless. What a blessing.