Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Few More Photographs

Grandson Jay mushing sled dogs as he prepares for the deep snows of winter. He got the hang of dog commands and sled etiquette quickly. The weather isn't cold but to add to the experience he is dressed in a red fox coat... mushing attire. Hopefully he won't have to carry serum to Nome. During a minus tide Sarah and Micah looked for sea critters. This picture is taken on a drab sand bar, but in the nearby rocks there are a lot of colorful aquatic creatures. Jayden in front of Brian W's barn. Brian imagines with driftwood and any other scraps he finds. Sarah and Micah hamming it up. Viewing breaching whales around us while fishing is what made me want to build in this area. One cannot describe the awe of a 35 ton leviathan coming out of the water within a hundred yards of you. Breaching activity is not unusual by us. In fact, most of the pictures I have seen of breaches were taken within ten miles of the cabin. The reason for posting this particular photo is I took it myself. Of perhaps ten breaches we viewed last summer this was the only leap I caught in a photograph (due to shutter lag of my pocket camera). In one instance a whale lept out of the water only seventy feet from the boat! In the two seconds it took to understand what was happening, turn around, and point the camera, all that was left of the breach was the splash boil. At times like that one hopes the whales know what is above them when they leap.