Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No recent posts because my computer was down. A new battery arrived a few days ago so we are able to post again. Spring was almost non-existent up here. Temps were cool to cold but improving and we get rain part of most days. It has been the coldest and wettest June and July since some time in early 1950s. Progress on the cabin has been good. All systems are up except septic, and that should go in within a week. The cabin is comfy even though unfinished. Working on the inside while living in the cabin has its difficulties. We got the construction trailer and boat here without incident on May 10. What a relief. I have had the boat out five times. It performs very well. Our first outing friend John hooked about a 300 lb halibut. After two attempts to secure it by harpoon the fish straightened John’s heavy duty swivel and got away. John was spent and pale after fighting that big fish to the surface twice. The harpoon bent so I called the friend who made it. His advice, “Fish for smaller fish.” Next afternoon we tried again. No leviathan this time. We kept four halibut between 12 and 25 lbs each. The first ten days we saw no wildlife of any size. Then moose started moving in. We have seen two to five a day for the past several weeks. One is a mother with small calf who stays close to the cabin on the meadow side of the river. Unbeknownst to her I filmed her with the digital camera one morning. She moved into the river and to within 25 feet of me. One remains motionless in those situations. I got some great video. Another morning at 5:30 we were seated by the windows when three moose walked by only ten feet away. By the time I got the camera out they were walking away. Though rainy and chilly life here is good. Hopefully we will break into a better weather pattern. Paulette celebrated her 65th B-day. That turned into a beautiful cloudless day for her. A bunch of ladies had her over for lunch to celebrate, and we went to the Lodge with another couple for a fun dinner. Cousin Tom and grandson Jayden came in on the first jet of summer on the 10th. They have been a blessing. Tom and I have as much siding up as we can do until next year. The place no longer looks like a cabin, but more like a house. They leave tomorrow. That will be a bummer. That in a nutshell is our life since the past post.


Anonymous said...

How far are you from the big mountain slide onto the glacier

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all are living the good life for sure there in Alaska! Thinking of you. Brett and I attended the 2012 Big Bear Bash this last weekend. Very fun!!
Love, Carol and Brett Fernau

Anonymous said...

Whoooa, a whole month of activities gone by, and not a peep! What the heck? Don't forget, we are all living vicariously through your adventures and exploits! Paulette, kick his butt into gear… ;-)